Anastasia Christidou
Counseling & Gestalt Therapy

From the heart


This inspiring suggestion on how to navigate
in the sea of relationships comes from Jorge Bucay
a Gestalt psychotherapist from Argentina.
It was published in his book “Letters for Claudia” in 1989.
It lays the foundation of sharing the tender parts
of ourselves, yes…those things that we secretly wish
that the other person will give us
while we are too scared to express what we want.
May this inspire us to see our loved ones
with different eyes.

I want you to listen to me without judging me
I want you to give your opinion without giving me advice
I want you to trust me without expecting anything
I want you to help me without deciding for me
I want you to care for me without smothering me
I want you to see me without seeing yourself in me
I want you to hug me without suffocating me
I want you to encourage me without hassling me
I want you to hold me without holding me down
I want you to protect me without lying
I want you to come closer without intruding
I want you to know everything that displeases you about me
That you accept this and do not try to change it
I want you to know …that you can count on me today…

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