Anastasia Christidou
Counseling & Gestalt Therapy

Creative Communication workshop, 28th of April 2012

Creative Communication

Although interpersonal communication is humanity’s greatest achievement, the average person is having difficulty in communicating well

CREATIVE COMMUNICATION is a one-day workshop to help you discover creative ways of understanding and improving your communication with others

Communication is the lifeblood of every personal and working relationship. Each person grows through enhancing dialogues with others. Our personality development, mental and physical health are linked to the quality of our communication.

Research studies indicate that people of all ages can learn specific communication skills that lead to fulfilling interpersonal relationships and increased vocational competence. It is essential to discover creative ways that will help us develop and maintain a strong positive connection with our friends, family and co-workers.

Four clusters of skills critical to effective communication are taught in the workshop:

Assertion skills: these skills enable you to maintain respect, satisfy your needs and defend your rights without controlling or manipulating others

Active listening skills: they enable you to really understand what another person is saying and involve new ways of responding so that the other person feels understood

Reading body language skills: understanding body language can help you respond better to non verbal signs and improve your understanding of others

Conflict – management skills: these abilities enable you to deal with the emotional turbulence that typically accompanies conflict

The workshop is practical oriented with a lot of exercises in small groups and demonstrations with the facilitators. Proven concepts of Gestalt Therapy will be used to assist the participants in their day – to – day environment and they will be given the possibility to inquire for more personal assistance if needed after the workshop. All participants will receive handouts, guidelines and copies of material presented or used during the training course.

Practical information
Date:                  28 April 2012
Working hours:    10:00 – 17:00
Language:            English
Costs:                  50€ per person, 40€ for students
(including coffee, tea & cookies)
Venue:                 Life in an invitation Centre,
Mathenesserlaan 185, 3014HA Rotterdam
Info & Registration:,
Tel.: 0641674280

Ioanna Rizou studied Psychology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and continued her studies in Economics obtaining a Master Degree in Business Administration. She worked in the private sector as career counsellor for four years and continued her training as Gestalt Therapist.
She also has a dissertation on Gestalt in organizations, where she used the principles of Gestalt Therapy in helping companies achieve organization development through enhancing their communication skills, their awareness and the way they handle change management process on all levels.
From September 2011 she works as a gestalt practitioner in her private practice in Athens where she facilitates individual and group sessions on several issues like stress and time management, self awareness, relational issues, vocational guidance, social skills and life changing issues. The approaches she uses are those of Gestalt Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). These are both humanistic approaches based on the perception that the individuals are able to create new and healthy ways of creating their experience leaving behind all their unhealthy habits and leading to a new way of living according to their needs and values.

Anastasia Christidou studied Counselling and after obtaining her BA in Integrative Counselling from Middlesex University (London, UK) she continued her studies in Psychotherapy by following a 4-year specialization in Gestalt Therapy. She advanced her studies by furthermore training in Crisis Intervention, Communication in the family (Parent Effectiveness Training), Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques.
Anastasia worked as a professional cellist for 12 years and obtained as a first degree a BA in Music Performance from CODARTS University for the Arts (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) before choosing to become a full time psychotherapist.
Anastasia has been in private practice since 2008 working with adult expats, couples and multicultural populations in areas such as social skills, life changes, identity issues, stress, emotional intelligence and expat cultural adjustments. In 2010 she joined the team of “Life is an invitation centre” a group practice of Gestalt therapists based in Rotterdam. She has a special interest in creative modalities such as art, music, theatre and employs the use of mindfulness in her practice.
Her main therapeutic base is Gestalt Therapy and she integrates ideas, concepts and methods drawn from various psychotherapy modalities in order to respond appropriately to the needs of each person. She is a registered member of the Dutch Association for Counselling (NAC) and European Association for Counselling (EAC).






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