why therapy

Making the decision to seek therapy is often
a difficult one. There are times that the challenges
of our everyday life can disconnect us from who
we truly are and what bring us fulfillment and bliss.
We feel “down” and everything seems pointless.
Or we may lose our balance from external events
like the end of a relationship or the loss of a job.
Even welcoming changes like moving to a new location
for work or study, getting married or having a baby
can trouble us. At other times we may lose the ability
to form personal goals or tap into our internal strengths
that are necessary to actualize them.

Talking with our friends and loved ones about our
difficulties is not always possible or enough, and
sometimes they are a part of the problem.

Counselling and psychotherapy can support us in discovering
a fresh perspective and developing effective ways to cope
with the stressful situations we face. In the safe non-
judgmental environment of counselling and psychotherapy
we can explore our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and
sensations. We can bring harmony through understanding
ourselves better and making conscious choices.
We can increase our self-esteem and gain a sense
of personal power. We can become aware of unhelpful
patterns in our life and create more supporting ones.
We can discover our inner resources and begin to use them
in our everyday life by developing self-awareness.

Counselling and psychotherapy are now widely recognized
as effective interventions that can support individuals to gain
a greater sense of well-being.

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